Font Support to View Greek Text

Greek Font Support

There are two fonts that are necessary to properly view the Greek text on these pages with all of the proper accents and breathing marks. Without these fonts, the text will appear as gibberish. While most systems have some native form of support for the Greek alphabet, this support is not consistent with the Koine Greek of the New Testament. The accents and, more specifically, the breathing marks are vital to pronunciation and, to some degree, identification of certain words.

These fonts are in True Type. You should be able to right-click to download them and then drag them to your system’s fonts folder. I know this works for Windows 2000 on up, as well as for Mac OS X and Linux.

In order to get the fonts to work, you have to do the following:

  1. Download both fonts to your Desktop.
  2. For Windows, copy the fonts to your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.
  3. For Mac OS X, copy the fonts to your /Library/Fonts folder.
  4. For Linux, copy the fonts to the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype directory.
  5. If your browser is still running, you may need to simply do a refresh or actually restart your browser to finish things up.

If you encounter any problems with reading the text or with installing the fonts, please don’t hesitate to ask me for help.

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