Letter to Adrian Warnock 7/21/2006

Dear Adrian,

I’ve just been introduced to your site via the most recent post at
Pyromaniacs. As is my custom, I always like to see the background of
those who peruse and participate in this and other blogs I happen to

In looking over your site, I could not help but notice the term
reformed charismatic. Quite frankly, this term would probably generate
a few awkward stares from many of the folks I know.

I guess my reason for sending you this note, is that while I may be
unfamiliar with the combination, I am also comforted by it as well.
You see, I once worked as the Chief Information Officer of a
reasonable sized christian education company. During my tenure, I was
befriended by a man who was the Dean of the School of Education for
Oral Roberts. I actually met him because he sat on the board for the
accreditation firm we were working with.

Anyway, this individual changed my perspective of Charismatics and was
a significant help to me in turning away from the Cultural
Fundamentalist dogma, that I felt enslaving me, over to the reformed
doctrine I lovingly embrace today.

Whenever I tried to describe this man and his influence to my reformed
brothers, I simply received the same stairs and disbelief as of the
fundamentalists whom I departed. Eventually, I stopped trying to
convince anyone that such a creature could possibly exist. I must have
been imagining it.

Now, as a result of reviewing your site, I come to find out there
really is such a thing. And I rejoice to know that. For while the
church I now call home may appear to be Baptist in so many ways, it
actually had its origins as a Church of Christ.

It is indeed nice to know that there are others given over to such
doctrines of grace; and that no denomination has such a lock on the
truth. And thanks for tearing down yet another stereotype.

May God bless your ministry,


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