50 years of mass shootings???

Took a departure from my work to do some reading regarding mass shootings over the past 50 years. The first thing that shocked me was that it has been over 50 years when I thought it had been more like 30.
I wish I had a firm grasp on the causation, though I have certainly read my fair share of illogical conclusions. For the record, I do have a small assortment of firearms, but am NOT a member of the NRA. Fundamentally, they’re nothing more than a tool I hope to never ever use. They remain locked up and out of the reach of my kids. My rifle was purchased when I had a fox running around killing all of my chickens. My choice of shotguns came at the recommendation of local police when someone had picked my name out of a phonebook and decided that they wanted to not only impersonate me, but to be me, and started making death threats. And my handgun came as a result of a law enforcement friend who said I needed one due to someone who was making active death threats against me. While I have zero issue with people who like to hunt, collect, or even target practice, those are my personal reasons. They truly are for my personal protection and for the protection of my family.
I wish I could agree that having more guns would help. By the same token, I wish I could say I agree taking all of the guns away will reduce the killings. From what I can tell at looking abroad, we have knives, bombs, and autos to look forward to.
We are a culture of peer pressure and sensationalism. This much I have absolutely established. Why else would we be reading about our idiot kids chomping on Tide pods like they’re gummy bears? We seem to be raising generations of people who simply neither value, nor respect, lives– including their own.
As a Christian, I am a bit annoyed by those who are quick to put down others like me who might want to pray. I have the similar reaction to those who are so quick to resort to racism to combat their distaste for racism. Call it moral relativity or situational ethics. In both cases, we have plenty of people who find that it’s okay to do a wrong thing if it accomplishes an intended goal.
So, should we suppress the news? I don’t think so. I wish this were as easy as just stop sensationalizing death. My suggestion is that this starts with each of us taking an honest introspection into how we are and how our kids are in lite of or in spite of us. But then again, I suppose we might actually resolve hunger, poverty, and a few other travesties if we did this.

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