Our little Boo just got her first stripe

I’m so excited for our little girl– not so much because she got the stripe itself, but because she started Jiu Jitsu three and half months ago and has stuck with it. Not only did she stick with it, but she simply loves it. She hates to miss Jiu Jitstew (as she calls it). We had no idea that they were advancing the kids last night, so I wasn’t there. I suppose the biggest thrill for me was that the first thing she wanted to do, after class, was to call me and tell me.

This is Boo getting her stripe from her professor, Milton.

This is Boo getting her stripe from her professor, Milton.

I don’t usually have New Years resolutions, but as the year was winding down, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was to get back into training. Injuries that I had incurred back in CO were simply messing me up for so long. And now that I was finally operating pain free, I wanted to get back in and start training at the first of the year. Then it struck me that I might be able to sweet talk my family into giving it a try. ┬áSurprisingly, Nikki was all for it and Boo wanted to give it a try too. So, after several attempts to get us over to the school, we finally succeeded. We went a couple of times so they could get an idea of how the kids and adult classes operated. And sure enough, their nerves got to them a bit. It can be quite intimidating to new students– seeing people rolling around grappling and choking one another.

Our little family has come a long way since the beginning of the year. Not only is Boo doing so well, but Nikki has been amazing. She’s like a sponge and wants to do BJJ 24/7. We even have mats laid out on the living room floor so that we can train there vs on our bedroom floor. Who would’ve imagined this could come true. Now, it’s just me feeling like the weak link in the family ­čÖé I have been doing BJJ for almost 5 years and miss the feeling of making progress. It’s nice to live a bit through them. And when I think about how it has become such a part of our family, all of my personal doubts and concerns seem to melt away. BJJ is a lifestyle. It’s simply not about stripes or belts, or even tapping the other guy out. I get to stay fit and also rest assured that my family might actually be able to defend themselves when the time comes. And there’s a lot of peace and comfort in that knowledge.



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