Going further from my basic Deep Half Guard Sweep

Well, I’ve continued to get my deep half guard sweep on guys that I roll with, with the possible exception of some of the bigger guys who practically sit on the mat. With them, it’s a bit hard to really get in close and under them. And with my knees on the mend from blown MCLs on both sides, I frankly don’t feel like doing other sweeps from the bottom of half guard. But I’ve got more input on that in a separate post.

My basic deep half guard sweep consists of me under my oponent’s leg, such that my body is completely aligned with his knee and his ankle is sandwhiched between my two feet. I pretty much pinch his leg between my knees as I also hug with my arms and keep my head nice and tight to avoid any chokes. As I pivot my body around his leg to get to my knees, I continue to stay nice and tight as I control the leg with my whole body to keep him from replacing his guard.

Now, it’s when I get to my knees that the new battle begins. I’ve got the sweep, but I really want to get to a dominant position. Trying to hold his leg with one arm as I scramble to take side control only works occasionally and on less suspecting oponents. It doesn’t work at all on more experienced guys. And it shouldn’t. I have been in dire need of a secret ingredient of sorts to make the sweep more threatening and one of my professors finally helped me with that the other night.

Once I’ve got the sweep, I simply take my inside arm and underhook that leg. Now, I’m back to a over/under position. I can threaten with the knee through pass to take side. And if he tries to defend, I simply pass the other side by leveraging the underhooked leg. The key is that I can threaten from two different directions. I simply bait one way with the idea of going the other if he tries to block my pass. Either way, I’ve just increased my odds of getting to side control.


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