Ugh, training was tough last night

A week ago Sunday, I ended up hearting my right knee while training. My partner and I had been training for pretty near two straight hours and I was feeling pretty good overall. I had been suffering from dehydration and my heart rate had been pretty jacked up for a couple of weeks. So my goal was just to have non-stop pressure applied while I relaxed and worked on defense and escapes. I wanted to get comfortable with heavy weight and constant attacks. It worked pretty well. Until…

The problem came at the end when I tried one more escape in the time we had left. It required me to bridge into my opponent. Well, besides trying to get used to more pressure, I’ve been working on a few other things as well:

  1. Cleaning up my techniques
  2. Working on my guard and guard passing
  3. Really bridging hard, using my hips on my bumps, etc.

It was mission accomplished on my bridging. I bridged really hard, with lots of extension. My opponent then leaned back into me with all of his weight, which prompted me to bridge harder. This last action resulted in my right knee popping. I had the same wonderful sensation when I tore my MCL on my left knee 6 months earlier.

I tried training again last night, after taking a week off. But it just hurt most of the time. I have zero lateral support in my knee.

I’ve been trying to prepare for the Tournament of Champions 8 on February 5th, but now I’m afraid I might have to pass and look towards the next tournament. Last year I competed with an injured shoulder, which was re-injured days before the tournament. It severely hampered my performance. While this might seem like deja vu all over again, it’s worse. Takedowns, closed guard, sweeps, guard passing, triangles, all seem to require the legs.

Anyway, I’m still gonna train, but lightly. And I suppose I’ll see where things end up.


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