Had a reminder of why I’m keeping a BJJ journal

We have been drilling a lot of half  guard lately. And while I might normally like going for a sweep via the pummel or even an under hooked leg, I have found that I’m getting the sweep almost 100% of the time via deep half guard. There have been a couple of exceptions where I couldn’t get in quite deep enough on one opponent. And there was another where my opponent tried under hooking my arm for an arm bar from the top of my deep half.

Now, a few months back, I believe back in June, we learned a counter to this counter. It involved simply trapping the back of his tricep when he goes to hook my arm. And then there’s an arm drag into a front headlock or anaconda that occurs. Sadly, I forgot what to do with his legs, which messed things up for me. I have been looking forward for months to be able to use this move on me so I could counter. But oh well.

What I need to do was to use my free hand and my outside leg to lift his trapped leg and shed it to the outside of me. This would have cleared the path for me to do the arm drag and to get to my knees. I was soooooooo close. But close doesn’t alway cut it in Jiu Jitsu.

Anyway, it’s doubtful I’ll forget what to do the next time. 🙂

Other than that, I had a really good weekend of training. Got numerous sweeps and a couple of submissions. I think my favorite was when I was rolling with another guy the same level as me, but from a different school. He wanted to work on his closed guard game. So I started in his closed guard. I passed his guard pretty easily and managed to take his back when he tried avoiding my side control. I then finished him with a textbook bow and arrow choke. The whole thing happened pretty quickly, which really gave me some confidence in my game when going against others my level.

Then on Sunday, I had the opportunity to roll with one of our top blue belts. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks he rolls more like a seasoned purple. Anyway, my goal was to pass his open guard at least once, which I did. And I actually managed to get side control pretty solidly on him. But then he managed to replace his guard when I tried transitioning for an attack. Oh well! Gotta take what I can.

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