Temporarily sidelined, but ready to go

So it’s been a while since my last update. Life has just been so hectic lately, which is a very good thing– just hectic. As a result of this, I decided to hold off competing on the 24th. I just didn’t feel like I could handle one more thing on my plate. And truth be told, I have been struggling to get past a certain plateau in my training.

Since I’ve started training in BJJ, my journey has had notable milestones. The first was when I started surviving attacks from all of the blue belts. The second was when I went from surviving to escaping and passing. And now, my attacks are starting to come in.

On Wednesday, July 21, I was given my 3rd stripe on my white belt. ┬áThis was huge for me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if or when I’d really ever get it. I was frustrated with myself and I felt as if I was frustrating my professors. I’d get the dominant position on folks I’d roll with, but I simply wasn’t capitalizing on it. I wasn’t getting any submissions. And a lot of the time, I probably looked as if I was stalling and just trying to control.

Well, I’ve been training hard and getting more open mat time in. On Monday, I ended up messing my knee up. I was rolling with a guy that had a 70lb advantage on me and who started from the top of mount. Well, I went for an elbow escape, but needed a little extra something. So I decided to turn onto my left hip and do a foot drag. Got the foot and trapped it. I then went to switch my hips and go for my half guard/pummel sweep from the bottom. That’s when things went wrong.┬áRather than get the sweep, my knee decided to pop as I was going to my knees and pulling his leg out.

It’s been a long week of no training for me. I have to admit that I’m feeling quite restless. But I just don’t want to be sidelined longer due to a major injury. My knee has been feeling fine since around Thursday. It still pops a little and feels loose. But overall, it’s doing much better.

Monday’s my anniversary, so I will probably not train that night. But you can bet I’ll be back on Tuesday.


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