Cleaning up my arm bar escapes

I know, I know, I know… I shouldn’t do this, but I do. I like to bait people with my arm bar escape from side or technical mount. I’ll turn away from my opponent, onto my side so that they can get the arm bar. But rather than let them sink it in, I immediately roll into them, stack them and get side control. It’s a dangerous game I’ve been playing. But more so since I realized how sloppy my escape really was. It might have been effective, but it was also sloppy.

This discovery came about the night I received my 3rd stripe. I was working with a couple of other white belts and we were drilling escapes and attacks. I tried to show them how to escape the arm bar, but I couldn’t teach them what I was doing. They’d go from a bad to worse position.

I called one of our professors over to help us understand what was going on. Well, as it turned out, I was missing a crucial step. Sure, I was getting the escape and stack, but I was combining way too many moves. It must have been sheer coincidence that I was getting the escape.

Anyway, I’m documenting a few things now so that I can return later, if I happen to forget.

  1. Rather than simply bridge into my opponent, I am going to walk my feet slowly away from him. By doing this, I am going to offset his base so that when I sit up into him, he’s going to simply fall over.
  2. It’s really just a slight variation on what I’d been doing. This is just more deliberate.
  3. Get my elbow free and past his hips immediately. In other words, it’s an elbow escape. I need to eliminate the vulnerability first. Then I can focus on the stack and reversal.

There’s another option from this position that I can do, which should increase my chance of escaping. When I circle my feet around, I can guide his arm towards my feet. The goal is to trap his arm so that I neutralize his ability to attack again as I sit up into him.

I should have documented this when I first went over it as I’m failing to visualize which arm I’m trying to trap. But I’ll work on it a bit and then add more to this post.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning up my arm bar escapes

  1. Saw that you have resumed your blog. I find the training stuff interesting. I’ve become a fan of the UFC stuff and have started to pay attention to the fighters who are doing BJJ (silva). Hope you’re doing well.

  2. It’s hard to ignore the BJJ side of things though I’ve been watching a trend where the BJJ guys are winning their fights with the standup. This weekend’s Strikeforce Houston seemed to prove that again.

    And I think all of this goes to the point that this is “Mixed” martial arts. As much as I love BJJ, I don’t think it it’s the end-all martial art.

    All is well on this end. Hope you’re doing well too.

  3. I just started my blog about a week ago. The basic idea is to doumnect my workouts/some of my nutrition that are the main things I’m working on to improve my BJJ game. I’d like to include more pictures eventually but right now I’m just trying to get myself in the mindset of blogging. The workouts are pretty good and I’ll start talking more about jiu jitsu after I figure out what I’d like to do with that part of the blog. I’m a blue belt under Zaid Mirza in Jordan and I’m currently training as i go to school in California, this blog will hopefully show the steps it takes me to get some medals in some major tournaments!

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