Ugh! The sickness setback

I feel as if my training has gone back a couple of months. I had a good training day on Monday and felt pretty good. Sickness set in rapidly on Tuesday and I found myself taking several days off.

I managed to get into the gym yesterday to train arms. Man! I felt so weak, it was pathetic. My energy level is pretty much at zero right now. Despite that, I’m gonna attempt to hit my legs and shoulders in a few minutes. And if all goes well, I may even go to the Fundamentals class at noon.

I suppose one piece of good news is that I weighed in this morning at 195 lb. again. So at least I’m consistent that way. What’s especially good is if I can get back to hitting the cardio hard in Jiu Jitsu, I should be able to at least drop another pound. I’ve been feeling so fat lately that I thought for sure my weight had spiked back up to 198 lb. or something like that. So this was encouraging.

However, I still have 5 lb. to lose and less than a month to do it in. Even at a pound a week, it’s gonna be a close one.

And I won’t get much training in this next week either. I’m literally traveling every day except for Thursday. Traveling always puts weight on me for some reason, no matter how little I think I might be eating. At least the hotel I’ll be staying at on Tuesday has a fitness center. I usually don’t use them. But I’ll force myself in this case.

When I hit San Diego on Friday, I know there will be some good BJJ schools around. Specifically, there is a Gracie Barra school in Temecula. I have never trained in a school other than the one I am actually a member of. For me, this will be a huge step, much like my first competition was. I tend to get very self-conscious and am sure I will find numerous reasons not to train. But with competitions right around the corner, I do not wish to fuel the excuses for not doing well.

So this week, will be focused on not going backwards. It’s gonna be grueling for sure.

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