Jonesing for a fix

I’m desperately wanting to train right now. I’ve got another two hectic days filled with travel and meetings. Then if my allergies, asthma and health all line up, I should be able to get some training in on Thursday. Then it’s several more days of likely no training.

On the plane, yesterday, I kept thinking about different attacks– visualizing each one from different positions and what I would do if my opponent did thus and such. Mental rolling is a definite sign that I’m twisted.

One of the things that definitely came to mind for me to work on was my back defense. For a while I thought I had gotten pretty good with it. If they seatbelt me, I knew which way to fall, etc. Well, it has occurred to me that I am still making things a little too hard for myself. I used to be fairly quick with my escape. But now I am finding myself in the inferior position a little longer than I would like. Sure, I get out and I’m able to turn things around, but still.

Overall, I suppose I’m just looking forward to seeing if I’ve made much progress with being able to execute my own game plan.

Oh, made some progress this week. I weighed in at 194 lb. today. Finally was able to drop another pound after holding at 195 lb. for 5 weeks.

That was definitely a goal for this week. So I’m glad I hit it. 🙂


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