Cool, deep half guard sweep

So, in the unlikely event that I happen to find myself with my opponent in my deep half guard, I’ve got a pretty cool new sweep that I learned last night.

The key to this whole thing is obviously getting myself into the deep half guard position. And that’s a mighty big challenge given my lack of flexibility. The good news is that in a match, there’s a very good chance that I’ll actually have an opponent with legs long enough for me to get under so I can lock up the one side.

It’s actually pretty basic once I’m in position. Just envision my body wrapped around the one limb. With my inside hand, I grab his ankle. With my outside hand, I transition my grip from the half guard leg to his opposite hip.

To give me the rest of the leverage I need, I bring my inside leg up, across his thigh.

I’ve now got a leg and his opposite hip acting as leverage points to roll him for the sweep. The ankle hold keeps him from pulling his leg out of position to block my sweep.

After drilling this technique, we had the opportunity to roll, starting from one another’s deep half. I tried for this sweep once, but my partner didn’t let me get the ankle tied up. So I couldn’t complete the sweep.

I found myself, another time, with the ankle and everything else in place. But no matter how much I extended my leg to drive for the sweep, I simply could not get it. Not really sure what I was doing wrong or how he was blocking me.

Obviously, we had just drilled the move. So I’m pretty sure he knew what I was attempting.

On another note, when I’m in the top position of my opponent’s deep half guard, I’ve been trying something a little different. I’ve been trying to drive my knee on my trapped leg to the mat for mount. I’ve not gotten this a single time. But what has happened is my opponent is sort of giving me his back, but it’s in an awkward position. I’ve been trying to do the balance thing to position myself back further to get my hooks in. Instead, I found myself with an inverted triangle three separate times.

This is something I think might be worth to keep training. It looks like things are getting locked up properly. But I’m just not quite finishing the choke. Then again, I can also try some arm bar transitions from this position too.

Something to work on.


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