The decisiveness of indecision

Hmm... which way should I go?

Have you ever wanted to just lose it? Well, I have and I think I’m sort of at that point today. I suppose had I never been in the military I might not care so much, but nothing chaps my hide worse than indecision. I’m convinced it results in more deaths than pitbulls, drugs, guns or DWIs. Okay, maybe I’m giving it more credit than it deserves. But hopefully you know where I stand on it.

Fundamentally, leaders lead. I think it’s implied in the word. What do you think? We lead. Now, some or most may not agree with the decision. Some may down right hate it. And let’s not forget that there’s the off chance that we can be wrong. But leaders lead. Period.

The one thing for certain that indecision brings about is a lack of confidence. And it undermines authority. In technology, it pisses away lots of money while you’re burning cash to result in no positive outcome. You can also class such individuals as fence-sitters. Or possibly even as fickle. They change their mind constantly.

This is just a rant, I know. I just had to get it off my chest. I’ve been dealing with a particular account for months and I finally had to walk away today. I simply couldn’t take it any more. It’s no so much that I was inconvenienced by it all. I simply found the behavior to be lacking of any good and decent quality. In other words, it made me sick. But I really don’t hold the messenger accountable. I’m sure he had the same pungent taste in his own mouth.

End of rant…


2 thoughts on “The decisiveness of indecision

    • I know what you’re talking about. It’s a tough thing and no one wants to be wrong. But being indecisive or wishy washy isn’t good leadership, just by default.

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