Motorola S9-HD Headphones

If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones for various athletic endeavors, look no further. I’ve had some great headphones from Shure and from Klipsch. But these really make me happy because they not only sound great, but they’re wireless and they have great remote controls to change volume and songs. Now, they also do something else that my Shure’s can’t do. They can make phone calls.

If you’re like me and like listening to tunes while riding at 20mph, you might like to be able to make an emergency call if you happen to break down. Or what happens if someone needs to call you in an emergency? Well, to date I’ve had to keep my iPod in one pocket and my cell phone in another. I’ve tried some headphone attachments that add a microphone to my Klipsch or Shures, but it just creates a really long cord with a really bad microphone.

Now, the problem with these headphones isn’t with the headphones. The problem is trying to use them with an iPhone (same goes for a 2nd generation iPod Touch). Apple currently doesn’t support A2DP, which is Bluetooth’s mechanism for streaming audio to stereo headphones. So for the most part, you have to use a special bluetooth dongle that adds 1.5 inches to the length of your iPhone. Plus, the dongle vibrates loose during movement. In short, the combination isn’t very pleasant.

However, all of this should be solved with the release of the new OS update. I’m excited about that. Right now, I’m having fun working on my first iPhone apps. The SDK’s pretty cool. And this is certainly new frontier for me. But for now, I’m very excited to have a fix to an annoying problem.

Now, if you’re looking to go down such a path, make sure you get your UDID from iTunes before you try updating the firmware. Otherwise iTunes won’t be able to read the UDID from you phone. You’ll have to obtain it via Xcode instead. Just FYI.


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