wildernessVoice is now OpenID enabled

As you'll see from the login screen, you can enter your OpenID.

In an effort to make my site a bit more user friendly, I’ve integrated OpenID support for people to register or login to my site and to be able to grant differentiated permissions for accessing articles. This is the first step towards that effort. Now I can quickly validate a repeat reader and designate what access that person should have. By default, WordPress is fairly open or fairly closed on materials. You can restrict access to private pages based on a common password, but nothing stops people from giving out the password. It’s one password for all.

By integrating OpenID, I can also better support people coming over from Blogger too. Now if someone has already authenticated there, I can pickup their login credentials without forcing them to generate a separate registration on my site. While this won’t eliminate bogus comments, it does allow for another level of weeding things out, without making things completely intolerable for everyone.

Please let me know how this is working for you. And enjoy!


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