Have you tried the social music experiment?

Here's a sample playlist and what the player looks like.

If you’re fairly active on Myspace, which I am not, then you’re probably already familiar with Playlist.com. For the rest of us, I’m finally getting around to using this little gem. My wife uses is non-stop. Every time I walk into the bedroom and she’s getting ready after taking a shower, I’m sure to find her laptop on the bed just going down her song list.

Some of you may wonder what’s the point of something like this, which has certainly been my attitude. Well, I travel a lot and my iTunes library is sufficiently large enough that I have to keep it on my server because I don’t want to afford the disk space any longer. And, when I travel, I’m in no mood to carry around some sort of lousy-sounding external speakers to connect to my iPod. This makes for a perfect solution. My Macbook Pro has great built-in speakers, better than most of those iPod attachments, and it’s pretty easy just to pop to my page since I’m always working on my laptop anyway.

Lastly, ever hear a song on the radio and think you might like to get it? Ever wish to share a song with a friend because you think he might like it? Well, this is the perfect solution for that. You can actually listen to whole albums before you buy them. So, there’s value in this, trust me. While I’ve only just created my first playlist, I’ve been using it for a while to checkout new music.

Check it out and hope you enjoy.


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