Keeping It Real, a Look at Motivational Posters #3

Okay, this is the last in the series. I would have posted it earlier, but have been without access to my website since Thursday. Good ole Megapath has screwed me with my T1 connection again.  

Anyway, this is the one I said would probably be offensive. So, I’ve made an edit and I’ll make the image small like a thumbnail. If you aren’t overly sensitive, then by all means click to enlarge it. Otherwise, don’t bother. Just move on. I usually don’t post offensive materials. But these were just too funny. And I do have a sense of humor.  


4 thoughts on “Keeping It Real, a Look at Motivational Posters #3

  1. …you took out the funny part….

    lmao 😉

    And in all honesty. I do still prefer masturbation to procrastination. One is MUCH more satisfying than the other. Just saying….

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