Still Alive, Here

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I am still alive over here. I’ve got so much coursing through my mind that I’m really not even sure where to begin. For example, I’ve been pondering the following topics:

  1. Storage: There have been numerous IPOs this summer and many investment dollars placed. But it never ceases to amaze me how so many haven’t got a clue. They throw their money away after companies with outrageous spending. Just not my thing.
  2. Virtualization: VMware had a very successful IPO this week and it was followed by the acquisition of Xen Source. While the technology is wonderful, I feel most don’t understand the uses or implication of such technology. Despite that, the valuations are extraordinary.
  3. Religion: Some things never cease to amaze me. Been observing and even participating in discussions that seem to be quite irrational at best. Despite that, most of the arguments continue to be couched in pleas to what’s reasonable and rational. I’d like to sum things up in one word… “inconsistent”.
  4. Family/Friends: Been seeing some disturbing behavior rather close to home. This mostly deals with enabling poor behavior. Well, we only have one chance to raise and influence our kids. And while my parents made their fair share of mistakes, they’ve always instilled in me the desire to be responsible and even accountable for my own actions. Unfortunately, they seem to be a rare thing.

Anyway, these are some items I’ve thought about developing further. And chances are that I probably will. But it’s so hard to clear the time and my head to focus as my business matters continue to increase dramatically.

Thanks for your patience.

7 thoughts on “Still Alive, Here

  1. You DO have a lot on your mind. You know how blogging goes, it ebbs, it flows…the nature of the beast.

    Blog when you can and take care of the real stuff first (as you are). You’re bloglined, lol…I’ll know when you wake up ;).

  2. I swear I left a comment here…

    *sigh* Oh well.

    So. I think quite a bit about storage too. Where to put all my shoes, the overflowing linen closet, the insane amount of toys…

    Oh wait. Different type of storage! 😉 (TEASING!)

    You do have a lot on your mind. I don’t know how you keep it all together. I admire that about you.


  3. Robin: I’m Bloglined??? 🙂 Awesome!

    David: I do. Been driving one since 2003 and love it.

    EE: I don’t know what to tell you. It eats socks too 😉

    Tink & EE: I’m gonna go back into hiding so we can see your cute outfit. Can you send pics? 🙂

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