Stuck in Houston

So, my meeting in Houston went very well today; and, as is customary for me, it went long. Like a madman I dashed off to the airport, hoping to catch my flight. Getting to the rental drop off was no problem and getting to the terminal was even easier. So far, so good. Crap! Should have kept my thoughts to myself!

While going through security, I take my flip flops off an place them in my tray, along with my brief case. Shouldn’t be a problem. But… this is me we’re talking about. The TSA agent takes out my flip flops and places them in someone else’s bin, on top of his briefcase. When I point out to the TSA dude that that wasn’t my bag. He looks at me cock eyed as he comforts me with, “It’s okay”. Well, I took him at his word. That was until the bin got flagged by the scanner and required a re-run through the scanner. Great!!! So there I am with only a few minutes to catch my flight and I’m dealing with this nonsense. I eventually got my flip flops back and headed towards my gate.

So, I get to where my gate’s supposed to be and wonder why there’s so much confusion. As it turns out, United can’t fly plains in the rain– especially when it’s now dry. My 5:30pm flight was now delayed to 7:20pm. So, out of shear desire to get home, I called up United to see if I could catch an earlier flight. Yah, right! The customer service dude informs me that the next flight out is on July 1st. “But it’s June 29th!” “Yes, I know that Sir”, the dude responds. Well… that doesn’t sound like an earlier flight, now does it!!! I’m flabbergasted.

So here I wait. Not sure for how long. Apparently, United has convertible and sun roof options on their jets. It rained a while ago, like when I landed. But it’s been dry for hours. But in trying to compete with the rental car market, they’ve come up with planes that can’t go through overcast.

I just wanna go home. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Stuck in Houston

  1. EE: I have, huh? I don’t know what it is. It was a pretty long day. It didn’t help that we waited in line to take off for an hour. I really think the airlines need a Fast Pass like what they use at Disney.

    Etay: I don’t know. All of a sudden, I’m traveling like I did 10 years ago. I suppose things are bound to go wrong.

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