13 Things I Remember from Childhood (T13 #16)

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This is my very, very late T13. I had completely forgotten to do one and then it got so late I almost decided to skip it for the the week. You can blame the subject on EE. It was her idea as I have been having a tough time coming up with new ones.

  1. My mom and dad coming to my little league baseball games.
  2. The time I threw up all over my grandma when we had a family reunion/Christmas dinner in Oakland.
  3. My first kiss in kindergarten.
  4. My 2nd, 3rd and others in 1st grade 🙂
  5. Having a crush on Debbie Kelner.
  6. Being sent to my first baseball tryouts. My mom dressed me up in this awful brown sweater and Hush Puppies and then meticulously pinned my number to me. I was so embarrassed that when it came time to field my first fly ball, I caught it in the eye. OUCH!
  7. I can remember my sister stabbing me in the back with a fork. But I can’t remember what I did to provoke her.
  8. I can remember the time we went to Marine World and my sister was picking on me the whole day. Well I enough was enough and I got her in a head lock and began knocking her head into the stucco on the side of the house. My dad came out, thinking someone was knocking on the door. I thought I was going to get killed. Instead, he sort of chuckled as he made me let go and proceeded to tell me how wrong I was. I knew he had seen everything and that he possibly even felt bad for me.
  9. I remember the time I stung by a bee on my hand. I meant to grab something to clean the sting, but grabbed Heat instead. My hand got so infected they had to actually peel the skin off to expose live flesh. It was pretty awful.
  10. I remember getting into a fight with Frankie Barker. It was 7th grade and I was a bit of a bully. Anyway, we were in this fight on some dude’s grass when the owner came out and pulled me off of him. When I turned back to Frankie, he popped me in the nose and broke my nose. It was a real turning point for me as I stopped picking on people and started defending those picked on.
  11. I remember the time I discovered electricity. Or at least what it felt like. I had taken one of my sister’s bobby pins and stuck it in the outlet. After doing the 60 cycle shuffle, I looked down at my hand to see that it was a very nice shade of brown. I tried covering it in a napkin, hoping my mom wouldn’t notice. Fat chance. She did!
  12. I remember my first dog. He was a beagle I had named Kevin, after my best friend. Can you imagine having a dog named Kevin. He miraculously disappeared after a couple months. My parents told me he died, having been hit by a car. I’m pretty sure they were trying to soften the blow of him running away in shame due to his name.
  13. I remember the constant fights in my home from late Jr. High onward. I remember when my mother cut my dad’s fingers off and I had to go with him to the hospital to get them reattached. I was all covered in his blood as was our family room wall and furniture. Depression can be a serious beast and while I didn’t understand it then, I have an appreciation for it now and for the need to treat it vs. hide from it.

11 thoughts on “13 Things I Remember from Childhood (T13 #16)

  1. Ahhh….I’m glad you did this. 🙂

    8??? I’m just dying to meet your sister, lol, bwtn the fork incident and the stucco one…..very curious.

    9…ack. You never told me about THAT!

    And 13, despite this and some things that may not be great memories growing up, they helped form you into the kind and caring person you are today. And as you pointed out, it caused you to be more aware of things and to try to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes or missing the ‘signs’….

    I enjoyed reading this.

  2. David: LOL! I dont’ remember having to do that. I was a class clown, but I don’t think I was ever that bad. Usually my teachers liked me 🙂

    EE: Thanks for the encouragement to do this 🙂 #9 was awful. I can remember crying each night as my mom would have to take a pair of clippers and gently cut my skin away and then put some baking soda concoction on my fresh flesh. It stung like crazy.

    #13 gives me mixed emotions. I hated home and I hated life while all of that was going on. But years later God used me in the lives of my parents, after I became a Christian. They’re both very different people now. And I no longer dread being around them. In fact, I miss them dearly, especially my dad.

    You would like my sister. She’s been through a lot, but she’s a great sister.

    I suppose I could have kept adding to this list. I could probably publish my own little “Mike’s Wisdom”. Like, don’t ever tell the doctor you’ve just had a Popsicle before he’s about to take your temperature. I did that when getting checked out for bronchitis. He taught me a lesson by bending me over and…

  3. Um I threw up in my grandparents brand new car one time, and didn’t tell them. I got in so much trouble. I think I was 5. Then I dumped a snocone on the same grandmas lap at the zoo. It’s a wonder she even talks to me anymore, let alone pays for the kids schooling…..

    your memories cover such a wide range, made me chuckle and made me a little sad.

  4. Memories can be like that. Not everything is always happy. But I don’t regret those experiences as they’ve helped to define me.

    A snow cone in the lap can be quite a bit of fun. 🙂

  5. Awww…dearheart, exactly. That’s why I encouraged you to do this as a topic. Not everything should be merry go rounds and rainbows. Both good and bad experienes, ALL life moments help mold who we are as people. And sharing all aspects of them are very interesting.

    You know? 🙂

  6. I think Hoop was a bit of a bully too when he was young. The fight story that sticks out most in my mind is the one involving him getting in a fist fight with a chick *Shakes head*. Apparently she knocked him silly with a high-heel shoe.

    Great “13.” I think you should have EE pick out your topics more often. 😉

  7. I am going to ask your sister what provoked her to stab you when I see her this weekend! She told me once, but I cannot remember why now.

    I can picture your mom doing that to your shirt while playing baseball. Haha!

  8. EE: I do know very well 🙂

    Tink: I try to avoid fights with chicks these days, LOL! 🙂 I’ll try to let her pick out more topics for me. And you should feel free too. You did once before and it was a great post.

    Chelle: I’m sure it was a tie. I was a pest back then. And I’m sure you can picture my mom doing that. She’d do it today if she could.

  9. It’s amazing to me that anyone turns out “okay” after the trauma of childhood. I think everyone has something awful they’d change if they could. The paradox is I think the awful things can have the most positive affect on you down the road…or maybe that’s me looking at the bright side of some very sad things in my own life.

    Of course, in all of it, I see Romans 8:28 at work and the beauty of God’s grace………..

  10. I agree, though Romans 8:28 is solely intended for the Christian under the complete sovereignty of God. However, sometimes the non-Christian does become a Christian while coming through such circumstances.

    Anyway, it is hard to want to change the past.

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