Why I’m Liking the Snow (T13 #10)

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  1. I’m totally used to the sunny weather of California and snow is something new to me.
  2. It’s very pretty outside and I love to watch wild rabbits and the deer running through it.
  3. I grew up sledding down mountain grass on cardboard. Now I get to do it on snow.
  4. My body temperature tends to run really hot and the cooler weather actually feels very comfortable to me.
  5. I get to wear some of my cold weather gear, and feel not too hot in it.
  6. It means it’s mountain biking weather. While I’ve been enjoying riding my road bike up the hill, there’s always something better.
  7. Did I mention snow bunnies? 😉
  8. The thought of snowball fights brings back fond memories of when we had 2.5 tons of shaved ice brought to the base when I was stationed in Orlando. We had a summertime snowball fight. All was great till someone pegged the Commanding Officer in the head. Needless to say, Capt. Morrow wasn’t too pleased.
  9. Thinkin’ about my first pair of snow shoes.
  10. Toasting marshmallows in such conditions makes much better sense than doing it in the summer over a camp fire.
  11. The snow here melts as opposed to accumulating all winter.
  12. Snow boarding really looks like fun and I don’t have to drive far to do it.
  13. It means it’s not as sticky to cuddle in.

8 thoughts on “Why I’m Liking the Snow (T13 #10)

  1. The snow gods hate me. I’m jealous and yes I fully realize I’m sinning. You’re causing me to stumble as you wax poetic about all things snow.

    The winter we moved here, it snowed 18 inches in our hometown, a 100-year-high. We had lived there 14 years and I maybe saw 14 inches TOTAL during that duration, and the year we move it snows 18 inches!! People were calling us and emailing pictures and I hated everyone. WE were supposed to get some of that, and if I’m not mistaken, we got ONE FLAKE for every inch they got. I’m not bitter.

    Wait, yep, I am.

    And giggling. At least today while I write, I have on one of my favorite sweaters–a warm and cozy chenille deal that I couldn’t wait til it got cold enough to wear. Who cares that I’m now sweating? Not me, flea.

    So enjoy your little snow, Mikey…anyone who “sleds” down grass on a cardboard box deserves 13 reasons to boast ;).

  2. Snow is pretty, but snow is also too cold! Duh? I think living in Minnesota and Indiana ruined me on the snow thing for the rest of my life. There is nothing uglier than mushy, dirty snow. 🙂

  3. Did you move? I hate the snow. It’s pretty for about an hour, and then it just gets messy. It collects dirt, and is way more dirty than pretty, it’s hard to drive or walk in. I guess those are the only reasons, but I still can’t stand snow-but, you, please do enjoy every minute of it.

  4. Robin: My take is simple, if you want to wear chenille, go for it. And if it warms up too much, turn on the AC 😉 That’s what I’d do. And I’ve actually lived in San Jose CA when we got snow and in Jacksonville FL when it snowed there. But we’re talking so little snow it might as well have been frost. And getting pegged in the head with an ice ball isn’t fun.

    Chelle: I saw plenty of dirty snow pushed up against the curbs today. You’re right… it’s pretty ugly stuff. But the snow covered everything this morning and was pretty well melted by around 4pm. That’s my type of snow 😉 Not that Minnesota stuff.

    Jen: I’ve said all those things about it in the past. But now I’m looking at it from a different perspective. Now I’m trying to be grateful for it.

    Tink: Well, I think that’s how it is in Jacksonville. But perhaps you have to wait 10 to 15 years for it. LOL! I think it snowed in 1988 when I was out there. I can’t remember for certain. I suspect I’m gonna miss the beaches too 🙂

  5. Tink, come here! Come visit our snow 🙂

    The snow is very pretty. Not a huge fan of the cold, but the snow is fun. Especially the early morning, when the only tracks are of the bunnies and deer and it’s all peaceful like.

    And uh…where *exactly* do you plan to toast (and isn’t it ROAST?!) marshmellows in the freaking snow and winter?!?! [scratching head]

  6. Sarah: do you actually take cardboard on the snow??? It doesn’t sound like it’d last very long. Growing up, we always slid down grass. That’s all we had.

    EE: Um… not sure about the whole roasting thing. I was trying to be nice about the snow. Forget that now! 🙂

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