Some Random Factoids on Me (T13 #9)

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  1. I like to wear shorts year round, even when temps get super cold. My body temperature tends to run a bit hot so it’s easy to use my legs as a sort of thermostat. If I do get cold, I can always throw a hoodie or something on to keep my upper body warm.
  2. I’m 39 now 🙁 But the good news is I still have all of my hair and teeth. And my hips and knees are also original equipment.
  3. I love to watch movies at the theater. Sure, I can get them on DVD. And sometimes I look forward to it. But I really like them on the big screen with the super loud sound, with other people just as excited to watch the flick as me. And I love to get my hot dog bathed in mustard and jalapenos along with a small popcorn with plenty of butter and salt. Saw the Robin Williams movie this past weekend (Man of the Year) and loved it. The popcorn was a bit over the top, though. You know it’s bad when it leaves grease skids everywhere you set the bag. 🙂
  4. I love the outdoors!!! I have always loved the outdoors, whether it’s biking, hiking, walking or any other “-ing”; I simply love it.
  5. I actually do like to swim in the ocean as opposed to a lake.
  6. I love hot and spicy foods, whether Mexican, Chinese, Thai… it doesn’t really matter. Oh… no Indian please.
  7. I was one of those people who you never know, but who kept JAG at the top of the ratings for several years. I loved that show for so many reasons and it was a bummer when it finally ended.
  8. I think I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate these days. This weekend I had a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms and it was great. I saw them in the store and figured what the heck. Man were they good.
  9. I go out of my way for my friends. If you’ve ever had a crappy friend, you’ll know why I go out of my way for them. Good friends are few and far between, so I really try hard to be a good one.
  10. My two favorite colors are navy blue (and not because I was in the Navy) and pastel pink. I know this later one isn’t politically correct for men, but who cares. I loved it in the 80’s when it was cool and I love it still. I can’t say I’m always huge about wearing pink. LOL! But I do love the color. And please… none of that hot pink stuff.
  11. When I was younger I think I vowed never to do anything with Software engineering because I viewed it as fake engineering in comparison to Electrical engineering. These days… I pretty much just do software.
  12. I get depressed when my hair grows longer. Yep. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. I love to get my hair cut. This weekend was a bit nerve-wracking for me as I had to find a new person to cut my hair after years of using the same person. This has been a problem in the past because not everyone can cut short hair right. But I was fortunate in finding someone who could pull it off. And she really paid attention to those long stragler hairs that sometimes get missed with the clippers.
  13. I’m afraid of clowns. They really, really creep me out.

14 thoughts on “Some Random Factoids on Me (T13 #9)

  1. And I use to make you sleep in Grandma’s clown room before we married. LOL! I hate clowns too. I think I should not have watched “The Poltergist” (sp?) when I was younger.

  2. My oldest daughter has a life long thing about clowns. Most people think she’s just kidding, but she’s not.

    This is a really good list and lets us see more of you and what you think. I have trouble doing these kinds of lists.

    I’m still hanging in with being more the hardware guy, but with FPGAs and DSPs, the line is getting blurrier and blurrier.

  3. You and your Jag obsession….crack me up. LOL

    I love to -ing too, *snort* Add that to the other things we have in common, eh? 🙂

    (btw, I *love* the way the banner shows up against your black background, for some reason that really struck me and I love it, lol)

  4. Chelle: Yep you did. And I was creeped out every time, which is why I started staying in a hotel 😉

    John: I’m with you on the FPGA side of things. I cannot separate myself from HW, but when you’re dealing with this type of re-programmable device or a semi-structured ASIC like Hardcopy II, it all seems to be software to me. I just can’t do PCBs in SW 😉

    David: Freefall??? LOL! I’m looking forward to it. People are finally starting to take me seriously. Up till a year or so ago I was still considered a kid.

  5. 5. Haven’t you ever watched JAWS?
    8. Me too. Besides, dark chocolate is better for you. Proven fact.
    10. My brothers tell me “pink is the new blue.” They have pink clothes, pink shoes, pink skateboards. So you’re not weird, you’re cool. 😉
    13. Me too! There is nothing OK about clowns.

  6. EE: Oops! I must have been commenting when you left your comment. Sorry about that.

    I do love JAG. I’ve setup the Tivo to record it every morning at 5am and 6am. I hope it stays on for a while so I can get all of the episodes. That way I can always put it on and watch my favorite episodes. Beats watching Halloweentown 3 times a day. 😉

    And there were too numerous “ing” words to mention. I noticed that after a bit.

    And while I wish to accept your compliment on the banner usage, the background is really Chocolate Brown. 🙂 It is, but I’m kidding as I bring it up. I have a friend who likes to give me a bad time about my background and we took it to her viewership. I won. What makes it tough is that the outer boundary is black and the inner section is chocalate with black boxes.

    After saying all that, it looks for the most part to be black.


    Tink: I have watched Jaws. Have you watched Lake Placcid? I expect to come across shark and barraccuda too. I’m used to both since I was a kid. But there’s always kids drowning in lakes, there’s those Fish Monster things in the movies like in FrankenFish. And then you have Jason. Remember Jason??? I’ll take my ocean. LOL!!!

    You’re right about that. In fact, I think it has the highest level of antioxidants than any other food.

    Thanks for that on pink. I saw a kid in a t-shirt with a saying, “It’s not pink. It’s light red.” But I do love pink. My phone’s pink and my iPod nano is pink. I think the color stresses out those around me more than it stresses me out. Ironic when you think about it being a soothing color.

    Clowns are simply evil! They have to be from another dimension that possesses no mass. Have you ever wondered how they could fit so many inside a Mini Cooper??? Yep… from another dimension– an evil one.

  7. Hey Halloweentown rocks, I hear there are like THREE of them!!! *snort*

    Ummm….it’s black. But if you want to call it ‘chocolate brown’ than ok….LMAO…… 😉

  8. EE: Stink’n brat! Halloweentown sucks!!! And there are three of them, which royally bites.

    And it is chocolate. You see that “black” border right around the banner??? Well, it shows up on the background because the background is lighter than it. But it is hard to tell because it’s so dark. Like I indicated, you’re not the first to accuse it of being black.

  9. I’m really glad your’e a good friend to your friends. I was reading about that very thing in the Bible today, as a very ugly issue has come up.
    And I was also going to say dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants.
    One thing I don’t believe about your liking anything “-ing”, I bet you don’t like falling.

  10. Jen: The bible talks much about being a friend and the types of friends we keep. Now, when it talks about friendship, the biggest concern is how we are towards others. Everyone wants friends. I’ve got some good ones, but I care more about how I am as a friend for sure.

    And if the falling is from a plane, I’m cool with it. If it’s falling off a cliff, then not so much. LOL!

  11. Yep to Movies, Dark Chocolate and spicy food. Have you ever tried putting a little dark chocolate in your chilli? Makes it smooth.

    Not quite 39 but still have all my own hair and teeth. My knees are on the way out though 🙁

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