Thirteen of My Favorite Movies (T13 #3)

  1. Meet Joe Black: I can remember when Chelle and I first saw it. We were in the Porsche and watching it in the in-dash DVD. We went and got some philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Steven’s, which I really miss since they closed the one in Milpitas. …but that scene with Brad Pitt getting struck by the taxi still gets me to this day. Anyway, there we were, back home, in our garage, still watching the movie. I was an absolute mess. Between the Louisiana Hot Sauce and the absolute tear jerking drama, I must have had all sorts of snot running down my face. I know… real sexy, huh?
  2. For Love of the Game: This is another one of those movies I absolutely love. I really love the chemistry between Costner and Preston. But I cannot watch that movie without crying like a little girl. I’m a real sucker for a good romance story.
  3. Dodgeball: I hated this movie when it first came out. Hate’s a strong word, but I did it. I hated it. And I’m not talking about the very first time when Brendan puked all over… EVERYTHING in the theater. [mental note: when Brendan says, “My tummy hurts”, don’t just assume it’s because he doesn’t want to eat that theater hot dog.] But now, I love all the subtle humor in the movie. I think I watch it on average once every other day while I’m coding stuff. It’s one of my favorite coding movies these days 😉
  4. Hunt for Red October: This is one of the very few movies I like Alec Baldwin in. But it brings back fond memories of my nuclear days. [Gordan, curious on your take since you went through the same stuff and at the same time.]
  5. Lord of the Rings (all of them): This is one of those movies that Chelle and I were like anxious little kids waiting for. After the first one, we were hooked.
  6. Miracle: Okay… for those who haven’t seen this movie, see it! An incredible feel good movie and it makes me realize I forgot to list Rudy. Oops! 😉
  7. Angels in the Outfield: Hey, “It can happen”. Not much to say, except that I cry during this one too– especially when Roger finds out that Tony Danza’s character is going to die soon.
  8. Cinderalla Man: No crying in this one and Renee Zellweger gets on my nerves big time. But I love Russel Crowe’s part in this. And Paul Giamatti is fantastic. Again… I love feel good movies like this. I need them to keep me going in my little David vs. Goliath startups I do.
  9. Major League: Okay… bad acting, bad hair, bad everything. But I still love this movie and I always love it when they start playing “Wild Thing”.
  10. Armageddon: So, don’t shoot me when I say that I’m not exactly wild over Liv Tyler in this movie. Her voice has little inflection in it and fortifies my thought that she’s merely eye candy. But I love the comaraderie in it. That chemistry between Harry’s crew is the kind I try to build in my startups. You absolutely NEED it!
  11. The Right Stuff: Another feel good movie. I like the dude who plays Chuck Yeager. He’s just doing his “thing” in the background of all the hype. Guys… this is what heroes are made of and what I aspire to be. Just doing stuff in the background. I’ve had hype and so on. I prefer the quieter aspects of pulling off the impossible.
  12. Wedding Crashers: Um… Vince Vaghn’s character is hilarious in this. What else can I say?
  13. Field of Dreams: I must have watched this 20+ times in the past 2 months. Again, it’s in the background while I’m coding or doing business plan stuff. But that ending with he and his dad kills me every time. That is EXACTLY how I feel these days when I go riding motorcycles with my dad. We had our falling out years ago. But these days with him are simply cherished. And yes… I cry every time I see this. Gee, go figure.

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  1. I’ll run and do that….’for a good time visit’

    You’ll have all sorts of great hits…even more so than the ones that come from my stripping site! WOW!

    Just think!

  2. Now THIS is one of the funniest exchanges I’ve ever seen, and it’s under a T13 MOVIE POST??? And I don’t even KNOW any of y’all!

    “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” Cracked me up from the moment I saw the previews. Hated Wedding Crashers, though (hmmm, did it have anything to do with the fact I took my women’s accountability group to see it??? All those nekkid shots in the beginning, and I can’t believe I didn’t walk us outta there…”). Shawshank, agree w/David…but not easy to watch, esp. over & over. Guess you aren’t into romantic comedies? No “You’ve Got Mail” which somehow seems to fit this exchange above…

    btw, I noticed the Linguist Quiz thingy NEVER adds up to 100% for anyone (lol)…

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