Seeing Some Purpose in All of This

Friends, I will try to keep this a bit more brief than my last one and hopefully a bit lighter in nature. But I am beginning to see some light in all that has weighed me down over the years. I wish I could go into more detail, but I cannot.

What I can say is that I just concluded a call from a friend who is dealing with things I have found plaguing me. And he wanted my help through his tough time. Of course I had to discuss certain things with him, which might affect his desire for such counsel from me. What surprised us both is that I’m now more qualified than ever to help him.

I do realize that I am being vague. You can think of any topic to insert into this and I’m quite sure that it will be applicable. Well… almost any 😉 Please do not think for a second that I am smuggling drugs up my bahooky and across the border. That’s just WRONG! And in so many ways.

It’s just nice to know that maybe I still have some purpose after all.

10 thoughts on “Seeing Some Purpose in All of This

  1. Mike, where the hell did *bahooky* come from!? Can’t say I’ve ever heard an ass called a bahooky… That may have to be my word of the day tomorrow…

  2. Your purpose Mr. Mike… you are a gifted encourager and i always appreciate and am so blessed by your words… your words that make me laugh so hard I fall out of my chair, your comments that make me laugh when I am so not in the mood to laugh, your words that are a breath of fresh air in the midst of a world full of 1st rank bahooky stench…. you and Chelle are a great team and a HUGE blessing to me.

  3. You sure aren’t posting much these days……guess life has got a whole lotta crazy goin’ on. But the whole “bahooky” thing–in your post and in Sarah’s comment cracked me up…..

  4. I thought that was a funny line. And Sarah has a habbit of cracking me up too.

    But you’re right about not posting much these days. I’d like to change that a bit. And I will. I just need something to talk about, I suppose.

  5. Robin: Once again, you’re right. The hard part is getting the motivation to write again. I’ve got some stuff in mind to discuss, though. I just want to get past this week and then I’ll resume over the weekend.

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