Three Generations

So many of my friends know so very little about my life growing up or about my family, it seems. I’m convinced I’m simply known as Chelle’s husband. Hmm… couldn’t that be considered a form of identity theft? Believe it or not, I’m the product of parents. Yep, I know it’s hard to believe; but tis true.It’s strange growing up. I have so many really wonderful memories, mixed in with some really awful ones. Most of the thoughts of my high school years are simply full of pain. Perhaps at another time, I’ll see fit to expand on that. It was simply a time of change for us all and with that change came incredible tension and fighting within our home. But there is also so much I have walked away with that makes me the man I am today.I suppose my favorite memories are actually with my pop. He’s a total crack up and is the reason I’m as sarcastic as I am. So please… blame him.


And before anyone asks, I have no idea why there is like zero resemblance to him. I think I have his same feet, lol. Oh, I did manage to inherit his same hairlessness. Folks, you’re looking at the only Scotsman to ever be born with almost no body hair. And this actually disturbed me much when I was younger and utterly deprived of chest hair. Now, I’m extremely thankful for it.But you can’t always believe my pop. That’s my little boy, Brendan, there. My dad likes to pretend that Brendan is actually his son. And I’m not making that up, either. He finally got the blond hair/blue eyes to show up in the family. I actually have it too. I just dye my hair and use tinted contacts.Growing up, I was in awe of my dad. I actually wanted to be like him through all of my childhood. And I can tell that Brendan already shows signs of wanting to be like me. That’s the value of heritage, I suppose. And it can also be the curse. There was a time when my dad and I didn’t speak to one another for a couple of years. I felt I couldn’t measure up to his expectations for me and my mom tended to keep us all focused on all that was bad. But this hasn’t been the case since around 1995. And in the last few years he has become one of my closest friends.I do wish I had some photos or video of this past Thanksgiving as I was trying to teach my dad how to ride a motorcycle. It was very reminiscent of him teaching me to ride w/o training wheels. But teaching him and giving him his first bike has been a great investment. And I love getting those last minute calls from him, wanting to take our bikes to some distant lunch destination. We have a ton of fun together.You never really know how life will take its turns. I never could have imagined, even on our best days, that we’d ever be as close as we are today. I can honestly say that we have “the” perfect father/son relationship. I love my dad more than is imaginable. And I hope to someday share the same kind of relationship with my son.So far, we’re off to a great start. You never really know where things will actually go. But you can always dream and never give up.BTW, if you should ever happen to see my dad, can you let him know that I really am taller than him? He still doesn’t believe me about that 😉


6 thoughts on “Three Generations

  1. Sounds like a tale of redemption–after years of not speaking, 11 years of good, and now “‘the’ perfect father/son relationship”. Some people never get to the “other side” of not speaking. Your story can be a testamony to those who are there now.

  2. Robin: It’s funny that you say that because I’ve had friends tell me for years I should write a book about all my “life” twists. I guess I figure there wouldn’t be much interest in reading it.

  3. Hmmm, are you saying it would bother you if I linked you as “Chelle’s husband”????? LOL…bc I was so totally going to do that.

    I’m really happy you and your dad have been able to regain a relationship and a good one at that, from what it seems. You and I share a lot in common in regards to our parental relationships.

  4. EE: LOL! You can link me any way you want. Just make it happen real quick like 😉

    We do share a bit, don’t we? And it wasn’t easy building it up, either. I actually got a tremendous amount of help from my step-mom. She sort of forced the two of us to talk. And I’m grateful for her.

    Be good, now!

  5. Chelle: It is not better. Okay, I was gonna be nice. But when we’ve been married for 12 years and folks who didn’t even know you, before being married, start calling me by the last name “Little”, it’s gone waaay too far.

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