Hang’n in There

Well, I’m sure all of my loyal peeps casual readers have been wondering how Barkley and I have been doing with Chelle and Brendan out in North Carolina since Tuesday. Thank you so much for your kind concern. You know? I thought it would be soooo tough. But we’ve actually been having a great time together. I mean, we’ve been eating right, getting plenty of sleep and exercise and just all around enjoying life! Isn’t that right Barkley? tiredbarkley.jpg

Okay, so maybe things aren’t quite as great as I just made it sound. I may have exaggerated just a bit. Honestly, I don’t know what the problem is. When they’re home I actually do take care of most of the meals. But we’re simply beat.

I think part of the problem is that I’m definitely a morning person and Chelle’s a night person. So, I always seem to wake by around 5am. It really doesn’t matter if I’m in another time zone or not. I just wake up like that without an alarm clock. No lie!

But at night, she likes to watch all that Tivo’d stuff like Oprah, View, Regis and Kelly and everything else I can be tortured with while laying in bed. Why couldn’t she get into a good action flick now and then?

Anyway, I have had this really bad habit since I was a kid. I cannot stand silence… up to a point. For example, how did I memorize all those Shakespeare plays in high school? Easy! I did it while listening to Rush. That’s really not a joke folks. So, don’t laugh.

This same technique sort of applies to sleeping too. For years I have counted on Chelle to watch the world’s most boring shows just as I jump into bed. Needless to say, I get a little drowsy. Soon I’m out like a light. But then Chelle will watch her programming and eventually turn things off. So, I fall asleep from the background noise. And I stay asleep during the quiet.

But with them gone, I don’t have this benefit. Nope. I get to finally watch what I like. And so I do, because I hate silence. So it’ll easily get to be 12am or 1am before I start to get really sleepy and I’ll doze off. But then around 2am or so the programming will change and I’ll be quickly awakened by gone fire or heads blowing up– you never really know. Remember when TV remotes had that sleep timer? Yeah! Whatever happened to it. I end up buying one of these high-end big screens for the bedroom and it doesn’t have it, but my son’s 19″ does.

I don’t want to bore you, but it’s been rough. I would really like to know, during our remaining time on our own, if there’s anyone out there willing to simply call us up and tell us really boring stories till I fall asleep? Is that possible? Anyone out there like that?

Man! If any of you change your mind, please let me know. I’m not sure how much more of this Barkley can take. Do it for me! Do it for Barkley!


BTW, I did manage to actually get away for while today. My dad and I decided to hop on our motorcycles and head from Morgan Hill to Half Moon Bay for a bit of lunch. He sort of gave me that funky look, which he hasn’t done in a few years. Basically, it was the one I got a lot growing up. Anyway, I can remember him telling me last night about how cold it was there the weekend before and how I would definitely need a jacket.

Guess what I did? Yep! No jacket. It was sooooooo…

…incredibly awesome! I bet you thought I was gonna say cold, huh? Nope. It was a perfect day. Even as we rode along the coast a bit, watching the surf break, it simply felt perfect with nothing more than a short sleeved shirt. (Uh, did have other clothes too– just emphasizing the no jacket thing). The only uncomfortable spot was when we hit this one section of open highway and I got blown pretty hard. I had to keep looking down to make sure my buttons hadn’t been ripped off and my shirt was completely flying open. I actually can’t tell sometimes when I ride. I tend to ride without any form of windshield.

Anyway, it was a glorious day! Probably the best riding day I’ve ever had. The sun was so warm, but never scorching. And it was a perfect reminder of why I live where I do. I just love the fact that within a few minutes I can be in the mountains or on the beach. And there are no thunderstorms where we live (uh, that’s for some of you out there that thought otherwise 😉 ). It’s probably the most perfect climate on earth. Now, don’t you wish you were here?


19 thoughts on “Hang’n in There

  1. My wife and I have that same late night TV thing going. Except that she often watches stuff I like (Stargate)and it keeps me up. When she’s away, I have to just turn on the radio and listen to PBS, which plays classical music. 1…2…3…gone.

  2. Gordan, you always manage to crack me up. I’m definitely not a fan of classical, in the classical sense. The only way I ever really liked it was when it was transposed so I could speed pick on my electric guitar.

    So, technically I have an appreciation for classical music. And I love listening to artists who are classically trained.

    But I don’t think I could listen to it to fall asleep. Instead, my head would be spinning with all sorts of thoughts about why I can’t stand classical 😉

    Nope about Stargate with Chelle. Does she look like she likes Sci Fi???

    Now you know another reason I’m not writing any. My family would have zero appreciation for it.

    I might be able to do horor, however. Chelle and her family used to tell the kids that I was “moner”. That was their way of saying monster. And to this day, if they get out of line, they tell them I’ll get them.

    I’m really not sure how I got that label. It’s been a while since I’ve lost the snarl.

  3. I am not watching any T.V. when I go to bed at night here! It’s weird for me too! I will have “alot” to catch up on when I get home!

    I miss you, too! Love me!

  4. Now this is interesting, Hon. Are you giving an imperative to love you? Are you asking me to love you? Were you trying to sign it from you, with a sentiment of love? This could be read a few ways… hopefully one that doesn’t get me smacked when you get home 😉

    I do miss you. And you’re not missing anything. Just re-runs of re-runs. I think I’ve seen Field of Dreams 10 times this week. And it still makes me stink’n cry.

    I miss you too. And I love you too. Pray for Barkley! He’s had it rough. That pic’s of him on a good day.

  5. When my beloved is not yet in bed, I play a nice, relaxing CD-no Rush!-to fall asleep. Try Norah Jones, or Beach Boys. I’ve even fallen asleep to Steeley Dan and Toy Matinee.

  6. Jen… LOL! Yep those would probably put me to sleep, especially if I were driving 😉

    I’m just kidding. I’ve really only liked a few BB songs. And the only other you mentioned that I know is Steeley Dan.

    Now, I could easily fall asleep listening to James Earl Jones. Now, that is a calming voice… Luke… I am your father…


  7. Mike,

    I’m with you on the waking up without the alarm clock thing. This has been my deal for a few years now. For some reason, I cannot sleep past 6am. Usually, I wake up at 5am no matter what time I go to bed. I guess that is a good thing but it usually hits me like a ton of bricks by late afternoon. Good post!


  8. Mike, I’m totally with you. Lately I’m burning the candle at both ends with close to 20 hour days that every day is full of bricks.

    Katy, it’s so great to see you here. And your comment cracked me up, big time. I’m sorry, probably should have told you I had moved. But I am glad you found me. Sorry I haven’t been there in a couple of days.

  9. James Earl Jones. See if your local library has audio books that he reads.
    Are you serious about never having heard of Norah Jones?!??
    Toy Matinee is classic rock, and my husband’s favorite band; similar to Steeley Dan.

  10. I really was serious. I’m sorry. You’ve got to understand, before becoming a Christian, I was big time into heavy metal. My best friend played for Molly Hatchet and I can still speed pick on the guitar, years later.

    Now, I do like more subtle forms of music, sort of back to my Jr. High days, where I enjoyed Journey, Styx, Foreigner and Rush.

    I’ve never been able to successfully augment new genres since getting saved and I’ve tried on numerous occasions. But it never sticks. The exception is with some country. Despite their politics, I happen to like the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain. Don’t tell anyone, but that song “Man I Feel Like a Woman” is still catchy. Sorry, but it is. I used to like Faith Hill, but not so much any more.

    I know I should be more diversified than this. Honestly, outside of this, I like simple old fashioned hymns. I like hearing Elvis sing them too.

    But I think I’ve adjusted on the sleep thing. Actually had my best rest in three weeks, last night.

  11. That is the classic rock we listen to around my house. I love Journey, Foreigner, Chicago, even Guns-n-Roses. My husband, before becoming a Christian, came to LA from VA right out of high school to become a rock-n-roll star. He saw what an unpleasant and fickle business it is, and he gave up on that dream in the way of making a living. Anyway, he introduced me to the older, “classic” rock bands. Wer’e just stuck in the 80s . . . but that’s the way, uh ha, uh ha, I like it!

  12. That’s pretty neat to know. I the world Chelle and I have come from, you can’t even say you enjoy a rock song, but that you don’t still listen to it. Somehow, you all of a sudden despise it all.

    Sadly, that philosophy never took. My worldview changed and certain habits changed, but many of my tastes remained.

    I’m glad to be out of that world.

    And did I just detect a little KC there???

  13. KC?? And the Sunshine band? Maybe that’s where I’ve heard that song. The only things I know about music I learned from my husband. For myself, I’m only familiar with the Go-Gos, the Bangles, and Billy Joel. And pretty much the whole “13 Going On 30” soundtrack.

  14. Yes, that’s where it comes from. And I like and actually still listen to those you’ve just named. In fact, it’s pretty funny watching Chelle actually borrow music from me. Well, she hasn’t asked for the Bangles yet. 🙂

  15. I love how you and your wife interact with each other on the comment part of your blog. Usually when I can’t sleep my husband and I stay up until all hours of the night talking. Tonight he was tired and I can’t sleep, so I’m reading and commenting on your blog.

  16. Thanks for the comment Lori.

    We do have a pretty good time doing this. And while it is tough being apart, this makes it seem closer to normal. Chelle and I actually blog together. I comment on hers and she on mine. But we also visit and comment on other blogs and have our mutual blog friends too. For many we are friends with, this isn’t the norm. But for me it’s just part of having an open life and sharing it together.

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