Annoying Commercial

oreo3.gif Now, I love a good Oreo Cookie every now and then. So, don’t get me wrong. But am I the only one that finds those commercials with folks racing to clean off the cream to be simply annoying? How many of you rub the cream center across your tongue as if it was sand paper? Dude! You are not a cat! And you don’t have a rough tongue. But if you do… GROSS!

I’m sorry. I simply can’t help but take an Oreo and twist it carefully open so that the cream center is completely on one side, but not the other. And on rare occasions I will go straight for the cream. But I can get it off in one fell swoop with the help of my teeth. I have never tried to do it by rubbing it back and forth along my tongue. That just doesn’t seem to make sense.

So, help me out. Do any of you do this?


12 thoughts on “Annoying Commercial

  1. I like to crunch through all three layers. If I want the cream, I’m like Chelle…I use my TEETH! Oh, and dunking…I am NOT a dunker, no soggy cookies for me (I wonder where my kids picked it up.).

    Love this picture…and now I’ve got the munchies…off to look in the pantry to see if we have any on hand.

  2. Chelle: I could say something totally uncalled for 😉

    Robin: LOL! Contain yourself! You haven’t been smoking pot, have ya?

    Tink: I’m glad to be one of your 12 steps 😉

  3. Huh. I just don’t eat Oreos. That takes care of that, eh? LOL

    And I’m super glad I’ve never seen this commercial, bc it would annoy the &%#$ out of me too.

  4. JenM: That’s just a bit bizarre. Everyone knows you’re supposed to form them into squares. Come on! 😉

    EE: I’m with you all the way. And that’s why I also avoid those apple-berry things you were talking about 😉 Just say no to snacks.

  5. Teeth all the way. No tongue licking like they do in the commercials, which is usually the time I get up for a snack. Thanks for saying what all the rest of us were thinking! (I’m a blogging chick and found you by way of the site…thanks for helping them/us out!)

  6. I have to say that I use my teeth although I *really* hate Oreo’s or anything that’s cookies and cream. One on occasion is ok but not all the time. I can’t do it. Barf. S loves them and will eat them all the time and she dunks things!? That drives me insane!!!

  7. Sarah: I’m with you on that. I can do one or so. But I’ve never been a dunker. Brendan is, though.

    EE: You’re so bad 😉 I didn’t even have to see your comment to know that you couldn’t resist. …and I’m right there with you 😉

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