Best Friends

Okay. This is a departure from my normal posts. But as I was sitting in my LoveSac working on some code, my son came over to wrestle with Barkley, our King Charles Spaniel.

Now, this picture is a few months old. But I can pretty much take the same shot every day of the two of them. The first thing my son does when he wakes in the morning is to give his pup a warm hug and kiss.

I guess I should also mention that the two of them consider one another to be brothers too. Since we don’t have any other children, I have no issue considering our dogs as our kids.

All of this came into question, however, the other day when my son asked who I loved more– Mommy, Barkley, Sydney (our Queensland) or him. I went down the path of ordering my love, beginning with his mother, then him, then our two dogs (equally). He was perplexed and responded that he loved us all equally.

But after I explained the marriage relationship, he asked if one day he too would be one with his wife. But for now, he is content loving us all the same. Mind you, none of this wrecks his ability to have hours of fun with his best friend, Barkley.

What does this have to do with anything? Not much, other than I was having fun watching them play; and I thought I’d share it. And it’s my blog.


18 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. You know, more than half the fun of blogging is reading the comments. That’s where you really get to know someone; like being with a group of people who are all friends and comfortable with each other, and just being themselves. It tells you so much about a person when you see them interacting with a good friend.

  2. I couldn’t agree more– except about the shirt. I’m manly enough for the pink, but the muscle shirt fit may be a bit extreme. I’ll feel like Freddie Mercury.

    Then again, I do have this weakness for dares. Perhaps one day I will feel bold enough to post a picture of my last Halloween costume. My sister-in-law was notorious for her dares and bets with me. We had a lot of fun.

    But by all means, keep the comments coming. This is absolutely the fun part for me. I love interacting with others. I think that’s why Gordan and I have hit it off well too. Lisa has also been a big contributor, though I just met her around the same time as you.

    BTW, I do consider my blog friends as my friends. I don’t really have real world vs. my virtual world.

    Take care and I’m looking forward to further dialogue.


  3. So are you saying you DON’T like the fashion sence of Freddy Mercury?????

    I asked someone if she would pay me to do a dare (wear a big pumkin shirt to work, and a pumkin hairbow in August), and she said, “No, “cuz I know you’ll do it anyway.” She was right. I did.(We worked at the library.)

  4. I was dared to dress as Daisy Duck. That’s right, Duck. But don’t tell any one.

    As far as Freddie goes, I prefer a little more sleeve. My arms are bigger than his. :0)

  5. Great pics. My dog likes to go just about everywhere with me. But he doesn’t seem to like anything about water– except perhaps drinking it.

  6. I used to have a lhasa apso named Barkley. I miss that dog.

    I remember when I was little and I got offended when my dad told my mom he loved her more than anything, and I angrily marched up to him and said “daddy, you’re supposed to love God the most, then mommy!”

    Ah, it was nice when those were the biggest theological conflicts I had to think about…

  7. I totally agree. Now we have to deal with so many complex terms and issues.

    But I enjoy it all– most of the time. Sometimes I get quite down about it and wonder if I make any difference in the kingdom of God.


  8. I used to like dogs. Then I became a mailman. (Bit 5 times in the first 90 days of work…)

    I used to merely tolerate cats. Now I like them a lot. Never been attacked by one, at least not without sufficient prior provocation, but that’s another story.

    Mike, you’re too modest. Your wrists are bigger than Freddier Mercury’s arms. And thank God.

  9. Gordan,

    You gave me a good hard laugh. I really needed that today, so thank you.

    BTW, sorry about the dog bites. This one would never bite you. However, if you set your bag down, he might do something to it. :0)

    He and our mailman actually get along great. He always wants to jump in and go for a quick drive with him. And the Fedex guy always brings him a treat. He gets nothing from the UPS guy, so he doesn’t like Brown.

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