Father and Son Bonding

This is my first Blog posting and I thought it appropriate as it’s my son’s 6th birthday. What prompted me to make this posting was our father and son outing this weekend as we went around the neighborhood inviting folks to our Easter service and sharing the Gospel with some.

First of all this was the first time he and had ever done anything like this. I wasn’t sure whether he’d compain or not; but he didn’t. His short legs did get a little tired, however. Though he has very little understanding of the Gospel, he knew we out doing something good for those around us. This is ironic considering the church we recently left thought such practice to be abhored. When we were ready to wrap up after a couple of hours spent, he was a little disappointed and wanted to know if any of them would come. I was touched by his sensitivity and God, I believe, used this to spark something new and afresh in my heart.

I am grateful to God for this experience with my son and for the interest of my new church to penetrate our city with the Gospel. I am also humbled as I had pretty much given up on having a church that was both Calvinistic and Evangelistic.

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5 thoughts on “Father and Son Bonding

  1. great story with a vital truth. Sounds like your church has it right and that is such an encouragement. We may not see the immediate “results” of true evangelism, but we know that God’s Word will not return empty and pray that these hearts of stone would be drawn to the Savior. Thanks for sharing–I am ready to go canvas some neighborhoods!


  2. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mike. We need all the grunt-level Calvinists (like me) that we can get.

    I too am an ex Squid, by the way, and like you was converted in the Navy. You look kind of familiar to me. Where were you stationed?

    You didn’t happen to go through the Nuclear Power program, or the Pacific sub fleet, did you?

  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the encouragement. I’m still fairly to blogging. My wife got me into it.

    Gordon, I was a Navy Nuke. Most of my time was spent training through the various schools as an enlisted guy. The only sea duty I experienced was during my mishipmen cruises after I received an NROTC scholarship. I got out in 1992 during the height of the Bush cutbacks. Upon graduating, they limited my options to primarily subs. While I was doing my college time, I spent my time getting acquainted with the special ops and special warfare communities. But I guess they had their fill of such officers.

    Anyway, they offered all of us grads the option of full commission or full out. I opted to get out as I was anticipating going off to Southwestern and getting my M.Div. God had other plans for me, however.

    BTW, I recommended your 25 Greek Words book to my Lt Cmdr. friend who just left this week for Iraq. He and I have been best friends since 1992 and he’s an ardent KJVO fan. I began contrasting for him variations from the Greek text and thought your book would be an easy stepping stone for him. Ironic.

    Also, is Prowl your book? If so I will definitely get a copy. The reviews have been pretty good.


  4. Mike,

    Prowl is mine. I can save you some money off Amazon, plus sign it for you, if you want to buy it directly from me. Let me know.

    Also, the concept of the 25 Greek Words book is maybe not what you’ve assumed here. It’s an introduction to systematic theology, and not in any way a Greek primer.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.


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